The Yoga Vine brings a passion for Yoga, health and community to the very heart of Perth.

Operating from 140 William st on the corner of Murray St Mall, The Yoga Vine offers a variety of Yoga classes taught by experienced teachers who aim to make Yoga accessible, fun and rewarding to a broad range of people- from absolute beginners through to experienced Yoga practitioners. Corporate Yoga classes delivered at your workplace, packages, and private sessions are also available.

Whether you’re a city worker, resident, or someone passing through, The Yoga Vine provides a space in the heart of Perth City where you can explore Yoga as a powerful tool to enhance your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We warmly invite you to join us at our classes.

I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.
Rainer Maria Rilk


The Yoga Vine Team




With 11 years Yoga practice & 3 years teaching experience, dedicate vegan foodie Donna found that the best way to connect her love of yoga, food and wellness was in creating The Yoga Vine. With a combined love, passion and unending commitment to the art and beauty of Yoga, Donna has an established and dedicated daily ‘Mysore style’ Ashtanga practice which she maintains wherever there is room for her mat! Donna continues to regularly attend local and international Yoga workshops & retreats, and has been strongly influenced by a number of prominent Australian and international teachers across many Yoga styles including Tiffany Cruikshank, Kathryn Budig, Santina Gardina-Chard and Nicky Knoff.

Donna teaches various classes all over Perth. Her classes weave vinyasa flow with traditional ashtanga, drawing inspiration from the many teachers she has met along her journey. Donna reaches out to the community by giving her time and energy to charity, such as Africare and jumping on board with The Cancer Council. A regular fulfilling venture into the Corporate sector has seen her popularity as a teacher grow, moving into retreats and workshops both in Australia and overseas. Early in 2012 saw Donna take on the role as Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, a chance to engage with community and events bring yoga to an even wider audience!


Kate has been practicing Yoga since 1993 and teaching since 1999. She has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Shadow with a number of prominent Australian and international teachers including Clive Sheridan, Nicky Knoff, Tim Miller, Tiffany Cruikshank, Rolf Naujokat, Dena Kinsberg, Shandor Remete and Noah Maze. Kate has been practicing Mysore style at Yoga OM in North Perth since 2009, and continues to regularly attend workshops and professional development training to stay fresh and inspired as a teacher.

Kate’s classes are strongly influenced by her broad Yoga training experience and her own committed, ongoing Yoga practice. Her teaching style is warm, creative and inspirational, with considerable focus on physical alignment, the quality of breath and mental focus. Each session is carefully crafted to suit the requirements of those she is teaching, with the aim to make Yoga accessible to everyone: young, old, stiff, flexible, a beginner or an experienced Yoga practitioner.

Kate teaches Yoga classes at a number of locations around Perth. She has a Masters in International Health and an Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda, and also currently works at Curtin University as Project Manager of Aboriginal health and education initiatives.


Phoebe dove headfirst into yoga during travels in 2009, inspired by the styles of vinyasa, power vinyasa and hatha taught by incredible teachers in BC, Canada. Settling in at home in 2011 and discovering Yogaworx, a strong practice of intuitive power vinyasa yoga became this beautiful thread weaved into a life with a whole lot more clarity and direction.

Trained in Purna Yoga in Byron Bay, meaning integrated or complete, and with support and encouragement from the beginning by mentors Wendy and Mal from Yogaworx, a warm, friendly, holistic style of vinyasa flow developed.

Using the importance of the asana practice, the breathing, meditation, philosophy and a love of music within her classes Phoebe has a passion for creating a space for people to explore themselves, cultivate awareness and learn how to heal themselves using their body, mind and breath


From New York City, Suzi has been practicing yoga for ten years and teaching yoga for the past two years. While introduced to yoga through competitive soccer training, Suzi’s passion for yoga grew while living and working at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York as she was introduced to phenomenal teachers from around the world. Suzi then spent time studying and practicing at ISHTA Yoga in New York City, and most recently attended workshops and retreats throughout Southeast Asia deepening her knowledge of Hatha, Pranayama, and Meditation techniques. Suzi brings knowledge of Ayurveda and Tantra into her Vinyasa style practice to create a well-rounded practice where others can create space in body and mind for compassion, respect, and joy.

Mesmerized by the power and intuitive nature of yoga and the multiple benefits that come from maintaining a personal practice, Suzi is passionate about sharing yoga with all. Suzi has her Masters Degree in Social Work and previously incorporated yoga and meditation into her work counseling youth and young adults. Suzi works to assist others in finding inspiration, purpose, and a passion for all that life has to offer integrating holistic principles and having fun in the process!


Rachael did her first yoga class eighteen years ago. Her foray into teaching was actually a few years earlier when she led her year nine English class through a guided relaxation to help them learn about stress.

The body as a tool for learning inspired Rachael to begin teaching yoga (officially). It also took her to circus school. With a strong focus on body awareness, Rachael draws creative inspiration from her training with Sheffield’s Greentop circus, challenging students to find effortlessness in strength and to transfer what we learn on the yoga mat to the flow of everyday life.

After completing a University Diploma of Yogic Education at the University of Lille in the north of France, Rachael began to design specialist yoga programmes, working with health professionals to merge the best of western health knowledge with the wisdom of yogic education. Rachael created Gentle Yoga for Fibromyalgia, has run guest lectures and yoga workshops for groups like the Neurological Council’s Like-Minded Group, and taught yoga at the Nijmegen Acrobatics Festival. She also has a degree in civil engineering.


Raechel first discovered yoga when she didn’t get into a graphic design course! Before yoga, Raechel had ten years of dancing, and two years of martial arts (with a very strict sensai!). On starting Yoga, Raechel felt it was far more then an exercise regime; instead it was the first thing that gave her a deep sense of quiet, and a challenge without judgment.

Raechel has a strong background in Bikram yoga, and has been teaching for 5 years. She is now enjoying exploring, sharing and practicing the yoga she is teaching at the Yoga Vine. She loves the continued growth in her practice and thrives on watching the growth in her students. She seeks to be as flexible as she can in her practice and her life.

Importantly, Raechel doesnt like bad coffee and she wont drink bad wine!


Checking out a few yoga classes became Claire’s favourite way to scope out each new town while traveling and living in North America in her early 20′s. Yoga unearthed an inner sense of peace and calm, and her ‘off the beaten track adventures’ on the high seas and to remote island locations where access to yoga teachers wasn’t always possible, lead Claire to develop a strong self practice.

Claire completed a Certificate IV Yoga Teacher Training (500hr) at Byron Yoga Centre in the Purna Yoga style in 2011. She continues to further her knowledge with Anatomy and Physiology studies through the Yoga Synergy system with Simon Borg-Olivier.
Claire loves to weave pranayama or yogic breathing techniques, through creative sequences designed to increase blood flow and circulate the movement of energy. Claire’s own personal journey with injuries enhances her ability to guide others with injuries or physical limitations to practice yoga safely.
Diver, freediver, sailor, surfer and a foray as a submersible pilot, Claire also considers herself an ‘Ocean Steward’, with a passion to create awareness and protect the blue heart of the planet

Anna first experienced yoga as a teenager and never forgot the deep sense of inner calm she felt after that first class. Many years later when she was travelling thru California, Yoga found her again at a time she really needed it and she knew right away that she wanted to share the gift of yoga with others.

After a couple of years of steady practice Anna embarked on her teacher training journey in 2010 when she completed her 200 hour certification. In 2012, after leaving her job in the corporate sector she returned to NZ and completed her second teacher training (500hr). Passionate about the transformative and restorative powers of yoga, she continues to attend workshops and courses to deepen her understanding of this beautiful life science.

Anna’s style of yoga is influenced by the many she has herself practiced, particularly Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Satyananda’s holistic system of yoga. Her classes are uplifting, playful and informative, combining breath awareness and flowing sequences with classical floor postures to bring a sense of balance and calm to the entire mind/body complex. She likes to teach in an informative way that empowers people as they deepen their awareness of how they breathe, move and think so they can take their yoga off the mat and into their daily lives.

Anna is inspired by the Balinese approach to life which essentially prioritises happiness and balance. As much as she loves yoga and exercise, she also has a soft spot for coffee and champagne and is totally addicted to toasted muesli and olives.

Class Timetable


Enter from 140 William st through lobby up elevator to Level 1 (opp. library). Alternatively, enter from yellow stairwell alongside the Avairy Bar.


   Casual class
$10 Cash only

   5 Class Pass
$40 – valid 2 weeks

   10 Class Pass
$80 – valid 4 weeks

   Monthly unlimited

  • Bring Yoga mat if possible (NB: mats are available to borrow if required)
  • No change room facilities. Please come dressed in suitable attire.
  • Arrive atleast 5 mins early
  • No bookings required










Yoga for Athletes



(start 7th Feb)

Raechel N



Gentle / Yin



Class Description

General flow suitable for all levels.

Strong flow suitable for those wanting a stronger, more dynamic practice. Not suitable for beginners.

Suitable for beginners or those wanting a slower class with more specific instructions breaking down elements of poses

      Gentle / Yin
A slow, gentle restorative class including Yin style poses, deeply relaxing and excellent for improving flexibility

      Yoga for Athletes
Specially targeted for sports people/ athletes (e.g. runners, cyclists, triathlete’s) to enhance performance

Designed to support women during any stages of their pregnancy, and also after birth. As well as postures, our pregnancy classes will include breathing and relaxation practices to reduce tension and stress and encourage a deeper connection with baby
(Classes start February 7th @ 1.15pm)


TUESDAY 6am Twisting Peacock Core Power Donna
5.45pm Yoga OM Vinyasa Flow Kate
THURSDAY 6am Twisting Peacock Hot Yoga Donna
FRIDAY 9.45am Yoga OM Vinyasa Flow Kate
SATURDAY 7.30am Yoga OM Vinyasa Flow Kate
SUNDAY 9am Twisting Peacock Hot Yoga Donna
For locations please visit studio websites:
Yoga OM www.yogaom.com.au
Twisting Peacock www.twistingpeacockyoga.com.au Or email info@theyogavine.com.au

Special Events & Workshops




May 31st – June 6th 2014

Videos & Media

Yoga Pose Spotlight


At your Yoga Vine classes you will often hear your teacher often asking you to take ‘Vinyasa’ – a powerful flowing movement linking 4 poses together that develops stamina, opens major joints (hips and shoulders) and reset’s the body in between static poses.

Understanding how to do these 4 poses correctly is crucial to ensure your Vinyasa’s are safe and building strength, rather than movements that tire or create injuries. You know your body better than any Yoga teacher, and practicing Yoga asanas mindfully, honoring where how far is enough in each pose to maintain safety, is one of the most important lessons on our Yoga mats.



Inhale standing on the hands and the balls of the feet, palms underneath the armpits and feet hip distance apart. Use your core muscles to draw the belly in, supporting the lower back, positioning your body in to one straight line. Imagine your collarbone is spreading outwards from the centre of your sternum, and your shoulders are drawing back towards your hips. Press your front thighs to the ceiling, but don’t drop the tailbone, instead lengthen it towards your heels.

Arm strength and core work is the aim here- avoid crunching the neck/ shoulders. Gaze is straight down and feel your skull lengthen from your neck.

If you feel ready, keep your legs and arms straight with your knees off the floor. To moderate this pose, bend knees to the floor and work to straighten the arms.


From high plank, exhale lowering your straight body to a parallel line. Keep your elbows in to your side ribs as you lower down, maintaining openness in the chest/ collarbone and strength in the core to avoid ‘hanging’ on the shoulders as you lower down. Keep your tailbone gently tucking towards navel, which assists the core muscles to engage. Drawing the elbows towards the heels will help to maintain openness in your chest as your arms build strength. Press the index fingers to the floor to keep the weight central.

If your arms feel strong enough, keep your knees off the floor so you make one horizontal line with your body; if your building arm strength, put your knees on the floor as you lower down.

Only go as far down as you can, keeping the chest open and collarbones wide- don’t round the shoulders. Over time, lowering too far down and rolling the shoulders will create shoulder/ upper- back tightness and possibly injuries.


From low plank, press into your palms and roll on to the tops of your feet inhaling to lift your chest to Upward Dog. Imagine the bottom of your rib cage drawing up the front of your body to open your chest and your shoulders rolling back with the shoulder blades drawing down towards the hips. Don’t sag in the belly- keep the core muscles working to support your back. Drawing the tailbone to the pubis while lifting the pubis to the belly button will assist the core to stay engaged and support the back. Careful not to crunch your butt and over tighten! Muscles are softly engaged.

Look straight ahead or if your neck and lower back feels good, gaze up to the ceiling while lengthening the throat.

Again, if your body feels ready, arms are straight and knees are off the floor. To moderate, keep the knees on the floor and elbows bent.


You will do many MANY downward dogs in the life of your Yoga practice- it is one of the most beneficial poses for spine strength and length. Understanding how to do it effectively is an important milestone in your Yoga practice!

From Upward Dog, exhaling roll back over your toes lifting your hips high and draw your chest through towards your shins into Downward Dog.

In Downward Dog, the belly draws back towards the spine and the shoulders roll outwards away from the neck allowing your inner elbows to roll slightly forwards. Spread your fingers, feeling broadly into the mat under your palms, with your index finger pointed forward or slightly out. Draw the weight out of the wrists upwards.

Spread your toes, letting your feet widen on your mat. Imagine the tops of your thighs lifting your hips higher, while your lower back lengthens towards the top of your sitting bones. Keep your inner ankles lifting up the inner thighs.

If your hamstrings are ready, your legs are straight and heels are on the floor. To moderate, bend the knees as much as needed, and focus on rolling shoulders out, strengthening spine and building shoulder strength.

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