lunchtime express

Suitable for all levels, these popular 45-minute sessions allow anyone to get the benefits of yoga in their lunch break.

vinyasa beats

Dynamic Vinyasa combined with groove inspiring music with the volume turned a little louder - designed to lift your mood and practice.


Excellent for increasing flexibility and reducing tension, yin uses passive and relaxing poses that are held for longer with the help of props.

dynamic vinyasa

Energetic practice that builds strength, flexibility and fitness by linking yoga postures with rhyth-mic breath in a creative flow.

vinyasa basics

For those with little or no yoga experience. Lots of guidance and alignment tips.


Powerful system of exercise focusing on core and pelvic floor strength, torso stability and spinal alignment.

dynamic vinyasa +

Dynamic vinyasa classes that are slightly longer to allow time for more arm balances, inversions and challenging variations.


Myofascial release techniques using balls and blocks to soften and release tightness and strain in muscles and tissues.

ashtanga primary

A set sequence of postures within a vinyasa flow.

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