Lunchtime Express

Suitable for all levels, these popular 45-minute sessions allow anyone to get the benefits of Yoga in their lunch break. It is designed to stretch out tightness and fatigue that is harboured in the body and mind, renewing and revitalising you for the rest of your day.

Dynamic Vinyasa

Our signature class, Dynamic Vinyasa is an energetic practice that builds strength, flexibility and fitness by linking Yoga postures with rhythmic breath in a creative flow. This empowering practice will support you to explore and embrace the edges of your own potential.


A great class for all levels especially beginners incorporating a slow, stretch based flow that uses longer holds and slow transitions between poses to target length and deep restorative stretch in muscles and tissues.  Classes target a combination of problem areas such as hips and hamstrings or shoulders and back. Excellent for  desk-bound and active sports people alike looking to find greater flexibility and space in their muscles.

Roll + Release

Myofascial release techniques using balls and blocks to soften and release tightness and strain in the myofascial tissue of the body.

Perfect for sports people, runners, cyclists and exercise enthusiasts as well as anybody who experiences tightness in their body through everyday activities, the roll & release technique works on breaking down scar tissue and relaxing the muscles and fascia, with extremely powerful benefits. 


A gentler practice providing the perfect balance to the muscle conditioning work of more dynamic Yoga styles. Excellent for increasing flexibility and reducing tension, Yin uses passive and relaxing poses that are held for longer with the help of props. Beautiful chill out music is used to complement the practice. 


 A therapeutic and gentle style of yoga taught by our resident physiotherapist, Jo Milios. This class supports anyone who is injured or dealing with chronic tension as well as anyone who needs a good stretch. Jo has over 25 years of experience with movement and therapy and specialises in Mens Health and we encourage guys to come along to this particular class (all genders and levels are welcome!). All proceeds from this class go to her charity Prost!, a not for profit charity that raises awareness and funds for Mens physical and mental health. Cost is only $15 and can be drop in or booked online.