Kate Taylor

Kate has been practicing Yoga since 1993 and teaching since 1999. She has taught around Australia and studied a variety of styles, and continues to regularly attend workshops and training to stay fresh and inspired as a teacher. 

Kate’s classes are creative, explorative and dynamic. She aims to inspire and challenge students to explore their potential whilst maintaining structural and anatomical stability and a respectful approach to their bodies and minds. Kate uses music in her classes as a tool to facilitate and enhance emotive and kinaesthetic body/mind experiences for students. 

Along with Donna, Kate established and directs The Yoga Vine. 

Donna Buchanan

Donna discovered yoga at a small light filled studio in inner city Sydney over 20 years ago and began a dedicated Ashtanga practice in 2003. In 2010, Donna completed her teaching training, and since then, has continued to broaden her knowledge expanding into contemporary yoga from around the world.  She is currently training with Yoga Medicine focussing on anatomy and myofascial techniques.

Donnas’ playful and creative sequencing aims to support people to explore and change safely through their yoga practice. She's a big fan of arm balances, they'll always make an appearance in her Vinyasa classes. 

Along with Kate, Donna established and directs The Yoga Vine.

Claire Pianta

Claire finds joy in guiding students to connect with their inner rhythms, letting the tidal breath and driving heart beat serve as DJ for a greater feeling of flow in life. Claire experiences yoga as a system for maintaining a healthy mind, body and energy. Having completed over 700 hours of teacher training and 5 years on the teaching mat Claire is a capable and experienced instructor.  Inspired by her teacher Shiva Rea to honour the roots and contribute to the evolution of vinyasa, Claire continues to study in the Prana Vinyasa Flow style. 

Cody Cianfagna

Cody originally trained in Byron Bay completing her 200 hours in Purna yoga, a holistic style encompassing Iyengar, Hatha and Restorative.  Her love of movement has taken her around the world, learning many styles, incorporating Dynamic Vinyasa, Yin/Yang and Power Yoga. She brings an energetic, soulful style to classes and offers a deep, uplifting experience for her students. 

Cody has travelled extensively around the world to study with various teachers, most recently with Noah Mazé. She aims to bring the fire within all of us, to help discover what it is that moves each of us in our own way.

katie green

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Katie completed her 200 hour vinyasa teacher training through Yoga Medicine, with an emphasis on anatomy and alignment and her 100 hour yin yang training through Jo Phee, with an emphasis on skeletal variations. Katie has a background in massage, reiki, aromatherapy and personal training carrying elements of these to her yoga classes. Katie hopes to encourage her students to find stillness, peace, awareness and most importantly leave you feeling better than when you first arrived. 

Jo MIlios pic.JPG


With a 20 year career in physiotherapy, Jo brings an expert eye to her specialised REMEDY YOGA classes at The Vine. She feels the missing link for a lot of people with mobility issues is Yoga. With those magic ingredients of strength, stability, focus, flexibility, mindfulness and breath awareness, Jo feels the whole body can then move in a safe and functional environment. Jo believes yoga can be adapted for any person of any age or stage in life and can be part of the current 'Exercise is Medicine' approach to health. Her love of dance, especially as a classically trained ballerina contribute to her love of yoga.

Meesha_Profile Photo 1.jpg


Noelle began her yoga journey 18 years ago to help ward off injuries from martial arts competitive sports and soon became hooked, committing to a daily yoga practice. She had found a wonderful sense of peace and wellbeing and so continued her studies, completing over 750hours of training with Greenwood Yoga Academy and The Yoga Vine.

She has practiced many different styles of yoga from Ashtanga to Power Vinyasa to Yin, and loves to teach a strong dynamic class with a focus on anatomy as much as she loves delving into the quietness of a yin class.



Meesha discovered yoga in 2010 with Ashtanga and since then, she has explored many different styles including yin, hot yoga and power yoga before becoming drawn to the creative and playful vinyasa yoga style. In 2017 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with The Yoga Vine and is currently studying to complete 350 hours under the tutelage of Donna Buchanan and Kate Taylor. Meesha takes great pleasure in sharing her passion for yoga and firmly believes it can be for everyone. Meesha brings mindfulness and heart into her yoga classes creating a calm, accessible and elevating experience for students to help them find their own individual expression on the yoga mat.

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 Like many students on the precipice of adulthood Jules found herself staring a new chapter of her life at university: stressed, anxious, unmotivated and lacking confidence in herself. This was when yoga found her. Yoga became an escape to channel her effervescent, overflowing energy and focus her racing mind in her bustling lifestyle. Seven years, a degree later and yoga still plays a vital role in her daily routine.

She truly believes that Yoga is for everyone, but sometimes a little guidance on what to do and where to start goes a long way.

Jules’ completed her 350 hours of Vinyasa Teacher Training under the guidance of Donna Buchanan and Kate Taylor at The Yoga Vine and hopes to continue to study in the vastness of this ancient practice.